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Wedding | Jacqueline & Daryl

It could not have been a more perfect day for a wedding!! All leading up to the August long weekend, the weather was hot and dry. Come August 3rd, and it had cooled down considerably.

When I first met with Jacqueline, we totally connected. Her enthusiasm and excitement was contagious, so the hype level elevated immensely. She told me their story, of how she moved from Medicine Hat to be with Daryl, and how he played such a large part in her story, even before she moved out this way.

Jacqueline started her preparations at The Salon, and when I arrived, Nya had already started her makeup. She was a little nervous, but that didn't stop her enthusiasm. After that she moved to Shayla's chair to have her hair styled, and about halfway through she suddenly grinned, did a little bit of a squeal, and told us that her nerves were gone and the full excitement set in. I was so thrilled for her!!

I popped over to Montana's when we were done at The Salon to grab some quick pictures of their dinner setup. I never would've thought about doing a family dinner for an event there, so I was pleasantly surprised when she told me about it. Their rustic decor matched Jacqueline & Daryl's aesthetic perfectly, and the place just looked so stellar!!

Afterwards, I met Jacqueline back at the CPR Engineers House, where their Ceremony was taking place. We had a ton of time to fill, so we played around with different poses and explored the grounds a little bit. I swear, between the hair style and the dress, Jacqueline looked like a greek goddess!! We had fun with that concept as well, when she fluffed her dress out behind her in the Living Room area of the House.

Before we knew it, it was Ceremony time. Daryl choked up a bit when he saw Jacqueline coming down the path toward him. Her daughter, Taelar, led the way down the aisle, and her son, Brody, carried their flower girl (and his daughter) Myla beside Jacqueline. On her other side, her grandson Traquesten carried the rings as their official ring bearer. Daryl's son Carter stood beside him.

The ceremony was short, but so so sweet. The highlight of it all was when Jacqueline was telling Daryl that she would take him as her lawful wedded husband, but instead of lawful, she said awful, and the entire family cracked up in laughter. I think by that point, all inhibition was gone.

Family photos went super quick after that, and it gave Jacqueline & Daryl a bit of a breather from photos as I went around getting shots of the family. After a quick couple shots of the rings, we went for portraits.

Daryl has this brand new Camaro that roars like a lion. It was his request that we get some shots alongside it, and I would be lying if I wasn't excited. He lit up as soon as we approached it, and he took direction like a rockstar!! I hardly had to tell him to do anything because he caught on so quickly. It was rad!!

Time passed ridiculously fast, and before we knew it, Jacqueline & Daryl needed to leave for dinner. We said our final good byes and I watched as Daryl opened the door for Jacqueline so she could climb into his Camaro. When both inside, he started the engine which roared to life, and together they drove off down the road.

Jacqueline, Daryl, I am so thrilled for you guys!! Thank-you again for letting me be apart of your day!! I wish you all the best in your marriage!!


Hair & Makeup: The Salon, Shayla Martyn & Nya Jump

Officiant: Brenda Frances

Ceremony: CPR Engineers House

Dinner: Montana's BBQ & Bar