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Wedding | Ana & Jaret

It was the perfect day. The sun was out with some cloud passing through here and there, and though rain was in the forecast, all we got was a light spitting before the Ceremony even happened.

We arrived at the Ramada first, heading upstairs to Jaret's room as he got ready. His Dad arrived soon thereafter with his significant other, and Jaret seemed to relax a bit as his Dad started joking around. After he was dressed, Jaret pulled off some intense James Bond vibes while I photographed him. Not to mention the light was just perfect!!

After, we headed to the CPR Engineer's House. Ana greeted both my sister Stephanie and I with a hug, the gorgeous bride already looking stunning from having her hair and makeup done prior to our arrival. Prairie Blooms had already been and gone so the Ceremony area was decked out in beautiful greenery. Vines hung from sheer curtains behind where Ana & Jaret would say "I do" and handfuls of baby's breath along with more greenery were tied to each chair along the aisle.

A few tears were shed as Ana got into her dress with the help of her Mom, and her sisters came in once she was ready for some photos too.

During the Ceremony, a whole flock of seagulls came to fly around the park and area. It was the most random thing ever, but the whole time I kept thinking, "they're here to see Ana get married." Ana used to work at the Bow Slope feed lots, and seagulls are ALWAYS flying around those areas because of all the cattle. Hence the reason I thought that!! The seagulls stuck around until the end, flying off once we got to Family Photos.

Ana's mother, brother, and two of her sisters came from Mexico to witness her marriage to Jaret. Only one of the sisters spoke English, so some considerations were made so that they could be included. With the Ceremony, for instance, Jaret's Dad helped translate what Brenda said as she officiated. We personally don't know Spanish at all, save for a few words we learned from Dora the Explorer when my sister was little. Words like, "vamanos" and of course "gracias" and "uno, dos, tres," became super useful, the latter especially so during family portraits as I always give groups a three-count before I take their photos.

Once family portraits were finished, we snuck into the newly-built Reception Hall to take some shots of their decorations. More Prairie Blooms greenery hung along the beams inside, and the tables were decorated with little bouquets themselves.

We took Ana & Jaret into Evergreen Park after that, and they put up with the mosquito infested grass so we could find a place with pine trees, by Ana's request. Now that they were married, all nerves were gone, and they took every chance during these photos to bask in the newly-married feeling.

Ana & Jaret, thank-you so much for bringing us along for your wedding!! We had so much fun, and I wish you guys all the best in your lives together!!


Bride's Hair: Cosmo Hair Studio, Michaela O.

Hotel Room: Ramada by Wyndham, Brooks

Officiant: Brenda Frances

Florals: Prairie Blooms Studio

Ceremony, Dinner: CPR Engineer's House

DJ: Amped Up DJ Service