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Couples | Randi & Chad

After advertising my Project session spots, Randi contacted me. I shared the details and she wanted in, so we scheduled her session. The hard part was that Chad works out of town for his job, so coordinating dates that worked around their busy schedule was difficult. We initially scheduled for February 29th as well, but due to the high winds that came through Brooks that day, we had to postpone. At that point I had no idea when before May we'd get to do it. I was super disappointed that the weather was so frustrating.

But it totally worked in our favour. Randi messaged me that following week and asked about a Friday night. It worked perfect with our schedules, so we decided to do it. And what a night we got!!

Kinbrook Provincial Park itself was a bit mucky from the melt-off that day; the temperature was reaching 13 degrees Celsius so the grass was completely waterlogged. But you couldn't tell with the mounds of snow still found throughout. Although the lake ice was a bit slushy around the shore. That didn't stop the fishers from setting up their huts around the lake itself, and people were still driving their vehicles out into the middle. We even watched a truck haul a camping trailer out there!!

We had a ton of fun throughout the session, and they were so so fantastic with everything I told them to do!! Some of it was cheesy and the rest of it was just plain fun, like the wet willies and clambering over snow drifts. My favourite part was when I mentioned that the shadows were looking so good from where they were standing, and even though their shadows were in front of them, Chad looked behind himself. It gave is such a good laugh!!

And then the sun began to set and we moved to a different location. Between the piggybacking and the Piston Broke Brewery beer shotgunning, I have to say it was the most entertaining session I've ever been a part of, and I loved it!! It was so THEM!! And that's the most important thing!!

I had a TON of fun with you guys on Friday, Randi & Chad!! So glad we were finally able to get you guys in front of my camera!!