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Portraits | Randi & Chad's Blended Family

The Fall colours were absolutely STUNNING for Randi & Chad's blended family portrait session, at the Crops Diversification Centre South (also known as the Hort Centre), here in Brooks. When I pulled in, I took a quick walk before the family arrived, so in awe of the countless trees just glowing with their autumn foliage.

As soon as Randi & Chad's families arrived, we jumped right in, taking advantage of those magnificent colours. Because of the variety of trees the Hort Centre has, each person was able to have an entirely different backdrop for their photos. It was so fun!! And the tradition of wet willies for Chad continued!!

Once we were done the more pose-y photos, we headed over to the other side of the property. A large field sits adjacent to the parking area, and the kids enjoyed stick fights with Chad. Wyatt, Randi's youngest, and Kaden, Chad's son, chased each other around the yard while we headed to the farthest corner where a large tree stood alone. Randi immediately began to climb it, and we got some great photos of their family there.

We started back toward the road, the way into the property lined with trees. Orange leaves hung over the road and dappled the ground with colour. As we got them into position for an "Abbey Road" style photo, coyotes began howling in the field just beyond the property. The sun was going down, and the yips indicated there were several dogs out there.

The rest of the session was an absolute blast between borderline dog piles and all the laughter. I can't wait for the next opportunity I have to photograph such an awesome family!!

Randi & Chad, thank-you so much for this opportunity to spend such a fun-filled hour with you guys!!