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This session was a long time coming, and I am so thrilled I was able to photograph Lyndsay's beautiful sunset family session outside her home in Brooks, Alberta.

Lyndsay has gone through a rough time lately, but she is a badass woman with unbelievable strength. She recently bought her first house, and has been working tirelessly to make it the home she envisions. With her kids growing up, their lives have been crazy busy.

When I arrived, everyone was still getting ready, but this little house just radiated family love and warmth. The smell of fresh paint wafted through the air as I stood in the little entranceway. The massive vaulted ceiling was what first drew my attention, and I just immediately felt comfortable in their home.

Lyndsay specifically wanted photos outside her house as a way to commemorate her purchase. Though her kids weren't fond of having their photos taken, they humoured her and listened so incredibly well to my direction. And their family pets, Berkley the dog and Win the cat joined in for a few photos as well!!

Hudson, the youngest, was actually super excited about his individuals, and boy did he bring it!! He chose the front steps for his photos and the blue paint brought out his eye colour vibrantly. Then Isabel stepped in for her photos with a Hermione Granger vibe. Holding Win in the first couple shots, Lyndsay brought up how much she looked like the Gryffindor wizardess - I know that's not the right word but it sounds so awesome, doesn't it?? - and Win became to Isabel what Crookshank was to Hermione. I loved that they pulled in the reference!!

Then Wesley stood in front of my lens, and the boy I first met several years ago was suddenly a handsome young man. And doesn't he look like a model himself??

I can't believe how much these kids have grown up since we first became acquainted. And I feel so honoured to get the chance to photograph this amazing family so often!!

Lyndsay, thank-you for again trusting me with photos of your wonderful family!! I can't wait for the next opportunity to see you guys!!

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