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Portraits | Kayden, Grad

Beautiful graduate in two-piece, sequin and black tulle grad dress, posed and looking at trees in prairie field.

I first met Kayden months ago when her Mom messaged me, asking if they could buy my hair extensions. The girl had gone through a lot with her hair, and I was so excited to be able to sell them to someone who would cherish them thoroughly.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I was tagged in a post Kayden's Mom had posted, asking around for photographers for Kayden's Grad. At the time, I wasn't doing photography professionally but after our first encounter, it was something I really wanted to do for them.

June 15th was CRAZY busy. The Grad ceremony for BCHS had been moved from past years, happening now in the morning instead of the afternoon. The timeline was hectic and gave very limited time for Grads to get ready, into their formal wear, and have photos taken before heading to the dinner at 5 PM.

We had originally planned to meet at Evergreen Park at 330. I arrived early - I'm notorious for being too early - and was excited that only a couple other Grads were around with their photographers. It was quiet, which for Grad was unusual.

Ten minutes before we were supposed to meet, Kayden's Mom called me. "We're running behind, can you come to the house instead?"

I pulled up to their home just outside Brooks and Kayden was still working on her hair and makeup. Because of how pressed for time we were, I started taking photos while she carried on getting ready.

We were running behind by the time she was dressed and ready to go, having done their family photos out on her Mom's front yard instead of at Evergreen as originally planned. With the help from Coop, her boyfriend, she got into her amazing Dodge Avenger and we headed for the park.

What had been SO quiet only an hour before, Evergreen was now PACKED. Cars lined the drive toward the CPR house, and parking was limited. Kayden became anxious, worried we wouldn't find a place to take photos. Being not a huge fan of large crowds myself - especially ones all clamouring for photo locations - I made the call to head someplace else. They followed me up the road toward the place I usually walk my dog in the morning, and thankfully there was only one other group there.

With 10 minutes to photograph, we jumped out of our vehicles, parked her car in a way that we could photograph with it, and set to work. And man did they totally KILL it!! Not to mention Kayden looked STELLAR in her dress!!

I am pleased to say that by the time we were through with her photos, Kayden felt more relaxed and at ease. And we had a blast, despite the time limit.

Thanks for letting me photograph you for this special occasion, Kayden!! Loved getting to hang out with you and Coop, even though it was short!! Congratulations again on your graduation!!