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Portraits | Falconer Family

It was the perfect evening for the Falconer's lakeside family session in the County of Newell, Alberta. The sky promised a stunning sunset and it did not disappoint!!

Zoie, Parker, Axton and I met up just off the Kinbrook Road, then they followed me from there to one of my favourite places around Lake Newell. We parked the SUVs and immediately headed down a dirt trail, stopping to admire the marshes where Axton was pointing out the waterfowl.

The sun was playing hide-and-go-seek while we played around the hills, and Parker and Axton were having just the best time together.

The next location brought the Falconer dog Diggle into the pictures while the boys played soccer together. Axton chased Parker around in attempts to tackle him. It was a ton of fun.

We finished the session at an open field by the water, one of my favourite places to watch the sunset. The horizon was aglow like fire as the sun continued to set. The family shared some loving moments together on a blanket in the grass, and I couldn't have chosen a better way to close out their session.

Zoie, thank-you so much for letting me take these photos for you!! I love getting the chance to photograph your amazing family!!