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Portraits | Balog Family

I absolutely love getting to photograph repeat Clients, and we couldn't have had a better afternoon for the Balog Family's Fall portraits out by the Aqueducts, in Brooks, Alberta.

You may remember seeing Marie-Eve and Blake's photos from back in February. Back then it was snowy, cold, I was pregnant with 3 months to go, and the sky was cloudy. This time the sky was still cloudy, it was still chilly, but we had no snow and I now have a 4.5 month old!! It was so amazing to get the chance to catch up!!

I had only once met Marie-Eve and Blake's little boy, Liam, but I'd never gotten the chance to meet Alicia. What. A. Doll!! She was all smiles throughout the session, showing me her findings of leaves and rocks, and trying to imitate me when I whistled to try and get her and Liam's attention.

Liam, of course, was curious about everything, and with having newly started to walk, he was off to the races anytime he had the opportunity to not be held. It made for an entertaining time, for sure!!

Getting the chance to see the family as they interacted together, not just Marie-Eve and Blake as a couple, was such a treat. You can tell how much they clearly love their children, and how they respect each other as parents. And witnessing the kids marvel at the tall grass and other foliage was just adorable. It made me that much more excited for when Lila would grow to be their age.

Toward the end, Marie-Eve's mother, Diane, joined in for a few photos with her grandkids. Alicia and Liam were thrilled to see her, and ran off to greet her upon her arrival. We then enjoyed the diversity of fall colours while the family enjoyed some cuddles and giggles.

Finally, the kids had enough and we closed off the session with stickers, and Liam's entertainment of an empty water-bottle taken from the foot of my backseat. I think that was his favourite souvenir from the entire session.

Balogs, thank-you so much for giving me the opportunity to photograph for you again!! You guys are always fun to spend time with!! I can't wait for the next opportunity to do it all again!!