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How To | Choosing Location

"'s like a postcard - dear Sarge, kicking ass in outer space. Wish you were here."

One of my favourite parts of planning a photo session, or portraits for a Wedding, is location!! Where you have your photos taken is a huge piece to the puzzle of telling your story. And there are actually a couple things to consider when trying to pick the right place. I know that sounds weird, but it's true!! So here are a few things to think about when deciding where to be photographed!!

I - Significance

This question can be interpreted in a few different ways. Significance can be anything from something you hold close to your heart, or something you're just drawn to, something you find beautiful, or a place you may have enjoyed visiting in the past. Whatever your reason, I find it best to choose someplace that means something to you (and your loved ones). It adds so much more depth to the story we're trying to tell through your imagery.

II - Accessibility

This is actually one of the most perfect images to use for this point. Above you'll see the picturesque Moraine Lake, a beloved place that is known worldwide for its epic blue waters. I've had the immense privilege to photograph several proposals here.

Anyone who sees the iconic images of the Ten Peaks behind the phenomenal glacier-fed lake wants to visit it. With this wanderlust comes plenty of visitors. In peak season, the parking lot is full by 5:30 AM, if not earlier, and it's a gamble whether you'll make it to the viewpoint or not. The same goes for other places throughout Banff National Park. So if you don't think about anything else, make sure accessibility is taken into consideration!!

III - Preparations

This one is a little more obvious, but still extremely important to talk about!! When packing for a session, make sure you consider things like bug spray or sunscreen, especially in the middle of the summer when bugs are at their most irritating, and the sun is its absolutely hottest. If you're uncomfortable because of mosquito bites or a burn setting in, you'll see it in the images.

IV - Restrictions

Lately with all the COVID measures in place, I feel like everywhere we go there are some form of restrictions. But even without the pandemic, this is still quite prominent. For instance, is the location you want to be photographed at privately owned?? Is it crown land?? Do we need a permit to shoot there?? Special considerations?? These are things that you definitely want to ask yourself before assuming we can shoot someplace.

VII - Weather

Out here in Alberta, we're pretty fortunate to have beautiful summers. But with them come the bitter cold in the winter time. And the sunshine can be extremely misleading. Make sure you know the weather conditions of that particular place you're choosing. For instance, if its a prairie scape in the middle of winter, keep in mind that snowdrifts are a potential obstacle, and could cause your favourite places to be inaccessible.

If I've forgotten anything that you think is important to consider, send me a message or comment on this post to let me know!! And, when you just can't think of anything at all, ask your photographer!! Give them an idea of what you're looking for, and they can help educate you on some great locations!!

I hope this list has been helpful!! Below are a few other photos of some of my favourite places to photograph!!