Engagement | Christa & Collin

Christa and Collin are one of the sweetest couples you could ever meet!! These two have been together for years, and it was so exciting when Christa announced that they were finally engaged!!

They chose the family farm that Collin's parents passed on to him and Christa, out in Gem, Alberta for their photos. They own acres of land with fields that, come summertime are filled with crops of canola, alfalfa, and wheat. Their property is always abuzz with activity. The greeting committee always makes a person feel welcome, between Titan's announcement of your arrival and the several fluffy cats that come to investigate the new vehicle in the yard!!

Winter sessions are finicky things, especially out in Alberta. You either have super cold, arctic-like conditions, or melty and mushy feelings of spring. But one thing you can always count on, is that conditions in one town can be wildly different than weather in another. And thankfully that was the case with this particular session. There was a seven or eight degree difference; it was zero degrees in Brooks and at least minus seven in Gem. And the frost from the day before still clung to the trees from the nip that stayed in the air. And as I drove out to Gem in the late afternoon, the Chinook winds pushed the clouds north, giving us clear skies and the most gorgeous sunset for the session!!

It turned out to be the PERFECT January afternoon. We couldn't have asked for better. I'm so so excited for their August wedding, later this year!!

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