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Couples | Marie-Eve & Blake

This session at Dinosaur Provincial Park was the first one I got to photograph for my project. I was so excited when Marie-Eve reached out inquiring about it. I first met Marie-Eve through my neighbour, Kim (who has now moved away and it's just not the same without her and her family next door), and I was so thrilled when she told me she wanted to book!! Her husband, Blake, is one of the main vets in town and recently took over the clinic we take our animals too, so I was really looking forward to meeting him in person, as well!!

Session day arrived, and I drove into the park about half an hour early, parking in the Cretaceous Cafe parking lot while I waited for Marie-Eve and her husband Blake to arrive. I knew where I wanted to start with them, and this particular parking lot was the best place to meet.

When they arrived, we immediately set out for the Coulee Viewpoint Trail. A light layer of snow covered the path with ice underneath, so we were careful where we stepped. Before reaching the Visitor Centre (right before the trailhead) I directed them into a little area with coulees and smaller hills. They immediately took to the camera effortlessly, laughing and smiling, and I had to do very little directing with them.

One of my favourite parts of the session happened there; I told them to start a few feet away from each other, then walk toward one another and greet each other like they would after a long day. Marie-Eve immediately ran towards Blake and told him she was going to jump and that he better catch her. His response? "This isn't how we normally greet each other." And they laughed.

Marie-Eve had brought a change of boots so that she could stay warm between shooting, and was going to carry them along as we moved between spots there. Blake picked them up to carry for her, and instead of just holding them, he put one on each hand, using them as a way to warm up, which was the best thing ever!!

When we were done along the Coulee Viewpoint Trail, we walked back and jumped into the vehicles to drive along the Scenic Loop. We hadn't even fully gotten onto the Loop yet and we came across three Mule deer grazing in the bushes. They didn't mind us too much, and we drove carefully around them. I told Marie-Eve and Blake afterwards that my husband told me that those Muleys were the modern-day Raptors of Dinosaur Provincial Park, as a joke. To this day we call them Raptors!!

Up near the Fossil Houses there's a large tree that I absolutely love. It's clumped together with a couple smaller trees, and otherwise it's just coulees around the area. As we stopped there to snap some photos, the sun started peeking out for a little golden glow. To be honest, I wasn't expecting such a glorious sunset. The day had been cold and it had snowed earlier in the morning. And when we first arrived at the park, the overcast sky wasn't showing much promise. So when the sun popped out, I'm pretty sure I squealed. I was so excited!!

The rest of the session we took advantage of the sunset colours, the sky turning this gorgeous blue and gold as the sun passed through them. Playing in those sunset hues was the perfect way to end the session. And the full moon even made an appearance.

Thank-you guys so much for helping me with my project, Marie-Eve and Blake!! You guys were so fantastic to spend time with!!