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Adventures | Dinosaur Park with my Family

One of the things that we always do when my family comes to visit is go to Dinosaur Provincial Park. And we were treated with a GLORIOUS day.

My Mom & Dad, Michelle & Reinhard, Steph, Devan, Lila, Link, and I left the house around 11AM. I needed to be back in town by 2:45PM at the absolute latest so I could go photograph Lyndsay and her amazing family, so we wanted to go earlier in the day.

The drive to the park was stunning, and minus a few pheasants that played chicken a few times in front of our cars, it was uneventful. Our intention was to drive down to the Badlands or Fossil Hunters trail via the Scenic Loop, but I was super disappointed to find that when we arrived the gate over the bridge from the campground had been locked. It had never before been locked when I'd visited, and even a week or so prior it had been unlocked. At first, I thought our trip to the park had been completely ruined. I was so so discouraged. But as I planned to turn around and leave, my Dad, who was driving my family's car, suggested we park elsewhere and walk to our destination instead. So that's what we did.

We bundled Lila up and put her in the stroller with the weather cover on, bundled up ourselves, and started on our walk. And I'm so thrilled that Dad suggested that, because I saw images come to life that I wouldn't have noticed if we had driven. Or even stopped to photograph.

Instead of going up one of the trails, we decided to walk the entire Scenic Loop. Due to all of our stops, it took us about 1 3/4 hours, but it was so gorgeous. Lila slept a little ways through, but my Dad had such a great time pushing her along in the stroller. He made comments about her getting fresh tracks in the powder. Being an avid skier, that was an extremely sacred thing for him, and I think he truly marvelled getting to share that with his Granddaughter.

All in all, it was a beautiful time, and I truly enjoyed sharing it with my family. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end their trip out here.