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This is me!! I'm a BC-turned-Alberta girl living in Brooks, AB!! I have a great love for animals and nature, singing and listening to a variety of music, spending time outside, and a quiet night at home!!

I'm a coffee AND tea drinker. Give me a coffee with one cream, or a London Fog any day!! Also, ice cream is my weakness, especially cotton candy flavoured!! 😍

My husband and I have three pets, two cats and a dog, and we love to adventure!! Our dog Link joins us on our many drives, hikes, and trips we take around Alberta and BC!!

I am a loud person! My whole family is loud! I believe loud is enthusiastic!

Persevere and work your freakin’ ass off to earn the things you want. It’ll make you stronger if you earn it for yourself, rather than if you had it handed to you.

Achieve your goals. Celebrate. Get started on the next goal, right away.

Ice cream is always a good idea.

Take care of yourself so you can then help others.

Everyone deserves to feel valued and loved. Be generous and intentional with your praise of others.

Animals were created before humans. No matter their species, from spiders to elephants, we were meant to care for them.

I can meow like a cat and mimic some other animal sounds.

Seeing animals in the wild makes me cry because I want desperately to love them!

I own two squatty pottys.

I use a shower cap because I hate getting my hair wet between wash days.

I have to wet or lotion my hands before putting my jeans on or touching a towel – if my hands are dry, it gives me shivers.

I believe natural beauty is lovelier than being made-up to please other people.

I prefer video game soundtracks over other music.


I’ve been writing a high fantasy novel since I was 13-years-old.

I’m Dyslexic and have trouble processing information sometimes.

I believe we should live according to Jesus’ two main commandments; love God and love others as yourself.

Spend uninterrupted time with those close to you. Turn your phone off at dinner and play card games instead.

Find people who appreciate honesty and having beliefs. Invest in them.

If something is meant to be, it’ll happen. Don’t worry about it.

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